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Father’s Day Gift Set with FITT4LIFE
Father’s Day Gift Set with FITT4LIFE

Father’s Day Gift Set with FITT4LIFE

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🪒Something exciting is happening!🍫

Color Me Crazy has teamed up with FITT 4 Life to offer you an amazing Father’s Day Gift Set!!! It includes 2 of our brand new products; 🧼 Clay Shave Soap, 🪒 Aftershave Lotion and Fitt4Life’s delicious His Vitality chocolates!!!
🤯We are giving it away for $12! This is an amazing price giving that our new Aftershave Lotion is normally $12 on its own!!!
You can order on our website, or by sending us a message!!

Here’s some info on what’s included!

🍫 "His Vitality" chocolates are just as delicious as they are beneficial! This is an all new flavor for men, with ingredients known for adrenal support, energy & libido, and strength & stamina. They will tickle his tastebuds as they melt with their creamy goodness!!

🪒 Clay Shave Soap 🧼
This clay shave soap is a necessary addition to any shave kit! With two kinds of clay added, it will leave your skin softer, smoother and with less nicks and cuts than ever before!
The addition of Benin ire clay makes a slicker lather to provide a sleek, nick free shave. It also helps sweep away impurities on your skin.
The addition of Kaolin Clay also aids in skin slip, resulting in fewer chances of razor burn or nicks. Kaolin Clay also controls oiliness, is a natural detoxifier and exfoliator, soothes rashes and irritation as well as tones skin.

🪒 Aftershave Lotion 🧴
Unlike stinging alcohol based aftershaves, this moisturizing lotion can even be used on sensitive skin. Aftershave lotions help to hydrate and protect the skin following the shave, but also provide much-needed relief to irritated skin. This aftershave lotion is lightly scented, but packed with skin loving ingredients!
👉Soothes irritated skin and treats dryness.
👉Apply liberally to irritated and dry areas, and any other recently shaved areas.
👉Suitable as an all-over moisturizer for the face.
👉Calendula Extract increases the moisturizing benefits and works wonders on dry, irritated skin
👉Manuka Honey Extract is a great moisturizer but is also packed with antibacterial properties
👉Packed with skin living sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter and cocoa butter
Your skin will thank you for this light, fast absorbing but also heavy hitter of a lotion! It also works great on windburned skin!!